Live Events with a Digital Strategy

Live Experiences: •Amplify reach Build relationships Convert customers Drive sales  

Our Services

Event production

Event management

Product launches

Retail openings


Trade activations: trade show support

Immersive brand environments

Multi- Market tours

Strategic partnerships


Social media campaigns & management

Strategic media relations

Influencer engagement



Showroom design and management

Window displays

Holiday displays

Social Media With a Purpose

Disseminate informationInteract with attendees Solicit Feedback Create year-around engagement 

Why Brands Need Events

When many business owners, authors, brands, and product developers create a marketing plan many times they fail to consider the value of having an event.

Create awareness

The Pre-hype, the opportunity to experience the personality of your brand, and   long lasting follow-up engagement.

face-to-face connections

Interaction face to face fosters trust and leads to solid, long term brand loyalty.

Attendees Become Partners

Or marketers when attendees share their experience with their communities via word of mouth and social media.

Awesomely Shared is built on the philosophy that diversity is more than just a word. It is how we visualize. It is how we plan. It is how we create.It is how we built our team.

  • Cross generational: Baby Boomers,Generation X, Millennials, and even, Gen Z
  • A melting pot of races, cultures, and ethnicity
  • Varying ideas, thoughts, and beliefs combined to achieve the goal

Diversity and Inclusion are Important

Team photos and bios coming soon